Hi Pilar, great article but I am having problems connecting a simple aux 3.5mm plug from laptop to iphone or android. I confirmed sound connection works from laptop to a separate speaker and to headphones.

Unfortunately, when I test with voice memo there is no sound. I am guessing it is a settings issue on either phone. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix?

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I have a question

My set up is

Pioneer mixer djm-s7

And have the presonus usb audiobox96

I wanna stream my music on the club house app

Do I still need an irig

Or what cables can I use

I have an iPhone. X

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Hi! I’ve got a Shure MV88+ and want to play my singing bowls on clubhouse using the mic, how can I do this?

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Fyi the bandlab link analog mini does indeed allow you to hear other people in the room. It has 3 connections. You connect to the phone using TRRS, the 1/4 for input sound and 1/8 headphone out for hearing output - exact same as the iRig.

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Any possibilities to have a video connecting irig 2?

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Do all speakers on stage have to have the iRig2 or only the person playing the music? I have an upcoming musical and trying to find out if all of my actors will need the iRig2 or just the music engineer. Thanks in advance for responding.

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Thank you so much for creating this Pilar!

BEST detailed article of the equipment to use and how to get audio into Clubhouse.

Sharing a link to your article in the Clubhouse Book (2nd edition) and Blog as one of the best resources I've come across.


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I know this was mentioned in a post before, but has anyone figured out how to get input audio also fed through to the irig2?

I purchased the irig 2 after having issues connecting an audio mixer straight to clubhouse. - A chap on YouTube mentioned something to do with the fact the irig 2 only accepts a mono input.

(FYI - only the left track comes in when sending stereo)

I sent everything to Aux 1 on mixer and used Aux 1 out into the guitar input of irig2 to get both legs send down the one output.

However, when connecting to clubhouse i can only hear other people which is a pain for monitoring. Means i need 2 headphones at the same time.

Does anyone have any suggestions here?

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Problem with Behringer audio mixer:

Connected to iphone XS via usb to lightening. USB out of mixer.

Connected to PC via mini jack to 1/4 inch jack into line input and mic in another.

Getting good levels out and everything seems to be fine. Hearing audio when entering a room.

When i create a room, I get no music mode button - and when anyone else comes in the phone goes to iphone audio mode.

Any ideas?

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The iRig iStream only works when no one is on stage, why is that? This is the latest iRig Audio Interface. It works perfectly when everyone is in the audience and it's just the one mod/speaker, but then goes out as soon as you bring someone else up as a speaker, then it switches back to phone mic.

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Many of the iRig devices with a lightning connection doesn't work with the app.

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I am curious to know if you can review the IRig Pro Duo as well. I have heard that this is a strong competitor to the IRig

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